South Atlantic Institute of Leadership

"Instilling Leadership Through Adventure"


We at the South Atlantic Institute of Leadership specialize in providing corporations, school districts, healthcare services, and other organizations structured, in-depth training to identify, enhance and increase skills in leadership and team building.

How do we accomplish this?  We do so through an exciting course of sailing and seamanship paired with relevant, targeted in-services to tie the experiences back to your workplace. 

You can expect a
customized program tailored to your specific needs.  Prior to the program, we will meet with you and your employees to examine and identify issues and relationships that need improvement.  We will then integrate this information into our program to be certain that your experience with SAIL is optimal.  We will strive to ensure that your program meets and exceeds your expectations.  In addition to addressing your specific needs we will help you identify, practice and improve your skills in the following areas:

-Team Building
-Goal Identification
-Goal Setting
-Goal Accomplishment

Adventure-Based Team Building and
Leadership Training

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